best table saw fence

You can have a good table saw, but get a standard performance on your project. You miss an essential aspect that can distinguish an average outcome from the best. The secret is a table saw fence.

A quality rip fence allows you to achieve precision as you cut across the length of different materials. It will enable you to achieve accuracy as you conduct repeat cuts to have all the pieces in similar dimensions.

If you desire to line up the cuts of your pieces and achieve perfection, you need the best table saw fence for the job. Combining a high-quality table saw, and a good rip fence gives you excellent performance.

We will first take you through the list not forgetting essential features, the merits, and demerits of each type. We will tell you what you should consider as you pick a table saw fence. Enjoy!

Top 5 Best Table Saw Fences

Vega Pro 50 – the sliding type

Vega Pro 50 - the sliding type

Are you looking for a table saw fence that can fit wide table saws? Vega pro 50 can fit table saws as wide as 77 inches. It is the sliding type that has a fence bar which is 42 inches.

Its large capacity allows it to perform various functions. It supports a rip capacity of up to 60 inches. It can be work on both a portable or contractor table saw.


  • Guide rails
  • Rail system
  • Micro-adjustment system

We like Vega pro 50 due to its uniqueness of the way it slides. The complete rip fence set up can slip away or towards the saw blade. The design allows you to fit the miter slot to the miter gauge.

You can cut a piece of wood at an angle thanks to the miter gauge. Vega pro 50 needs more energy than T-square fences.  You should, therefore, use an electric motor that produces 3HP power rating.

It allows you to mount the guide rails on the table saw as you slid the guide tube that has your fencer bar. You support the guide rails with brackets to maintain it in the right position on your table edge.

The guide rails have thick walls that make them robust.

Its rail system has a tube that is plated with chrome to give you a smooth surface for you to glide effortlessly.  The high-quality material also provides durability.

You can dial fine measurement adjustments due to its micro-adjustment system. Your grooves turn out well-shaped as you acquire precise rips and cuts. The woods get the same width due to its cut-list ability.


  • The guide is straight and solid
  • Supports a 50-inch rip capacity
  • The set-up is easy
  • The ripping capacity is high
  • The cuts are precise due to the micro-adjustment ability.
  • You can position your wood well on the table


  • Consumes lots of energy
  • It is expensive


Vega Pro-50 table saw fence is a sliding type that has a high rip capacity and allows you to adjust your project without limitations. We highly recommend it.

Shop fox W1410 table saw – It is pocket-friendly

Shop fox W1410 table saw - It is pocket-friendly

If you don’t have enough for a table saw fence, this is an ideal choice. It is easy to use and can fit in saw that is 27″ including an old version.

The installation is easy since the instructions are straightforward. It is also ideal for repeated cuts.


  • Standard rails
  • Ball bearing guides
  • Micro-adjustment system
  • Manual

The shop fox table saw fence gives you accurate alignment. You can operate the fence using one finger since it has ball bearing guides that make it smooth.

The locking lever is large for secure locking as you desire. You are assured of accuracy since it secures your saw from both sides at the same time to provide you with rigidity and accuracy.

Its roller system gives you a precise alignment such that you don’t have to rely on the lock system. The construction comes from anodized aluminum for fine adjustments.

Both sides of your fence system have micro-adjustment knobs to help with the alignment.


The company

Shop Fox Company is a reputable company that is known to produce high-quality products.


Your table saw fence comes with simple instructions to set it up. If you are a newbie to table saw fences, you will not struggle to install it.

It moves smoothly and is versatile

The roller tracking mechanism gives you accuracy in use. You can also use it on different kinds of saws.


You get a low price for a functional table saw fence.


The drill

Some users don’t like the tap and drill. It needs you to get a different set to install your fence on the saw.


We like this fence system for its versatility and accuracy thanks to its adjusting mechanism. It would be ideal for a professional.

Shop fox W1716 table saw Fence – compact model

Shop fox W1716 table saw Fence - compact model

If you need a shaped table saw fence that performs well, choose this model. It Is a T-shaped fence that measures 57 “. It has a standard rail mechanism and comes from Shop Fox.

It is known as aluma classic since the construction is from aluminum and steel. The fence bar is 61 inches in length, and it weighs 53 pounds. Your table saw fence is compatible with a table that is 60 inches wide.


  • Standard rail system
  • Rectangular cross section
  • Single point locking region
  • Lens on the scale
  • Magnified cursor
  • Locking Lever

It comes in a cross-section that is rectangular and a rip capacity of 30 inches. It does not have the rear rails, so you only get a single point locking mechanism.

We like the unique scale of this table saw fence. It has a transparent plate that contains a lens on your scale for you to read it. The position of the lens is also appealing.

It is strategically placed in the calibration marks of your scale for you to read your measurements accurately. It also allows you to lock the saw fence appropriately.

If you need a precise calibration mark, the magnified cursor allows you to acquire accurate readings. The locking lever clamps your table saw fence to the guide tube to prevent deflection as you cut your wood.

Your standard rail is located on the front edge of your table. Since your table saw fence does not come with a rear rail, you would have to tighten your locking lever to utilize the tenon jig.

Ones it is tight, it allows it to stay in position as you utilize your fence. The locking lever also helps you maintain a parallel alignment according to your saw blade.

Your rip fence helps you get precise cuts since it supports micro-adjustment ability. You get your pieces of wood you need in the exact sizes. It is made from steel and aluminum making it durable.


  • Gives you a straight, solid guide
  • The set-up is easy
  • The ripping capacity is high
  • Let’s you to position your fence easily on your table
  • Has a magnification lens attached to the scale
  • Supports micro-adjustment to give you precise cuts


  • Does not support a rip capacity that is beyond 30 inches
  • It is expensive


Shop Fox W1716 is made from durable materials and comes with an operational design that allows heavy-duty ripping. It is accurate and reliable to help handle your wood projects.

Vega U26 Table saw Fence – It has a high-quality design

Vega U26 Table saw Fence - It has a high-quality design

Are you worried about safety issues from a combination of a table saw and a rip fence? Choose Vega U26. This rip fence locks up tight enough to eliminate any safety problems and inaccuracies.

Your rip fence is made from steel which is durable to withstand harsh conditions. The installation is smooth, and the mounting gives you a ray of options to work with since it is a universal fence system.


  • Measuring scale
  • Mounting Holes
  • Front brackets
  • Jacking plates

You can attach this rip fence to most of the table saws. You can make accurate measurements using the scale. You get a rip capacity of 26 inches when full.

Unlike most fence systems, this locks parallel to the blade. The alignment is consistent and reliable for repeated cuts. Your tool should have mounting holes that are at least 9 inches.

The front brackets make it easy for you to adjust the vertical and horizontal planes. You can level your fence rail using jacking plates. We like the fact that we don’t need to drill while working.



You can use the mounting holes to place your woodwork projects differently. They make it versatile since you can mount it on different saws.


The solid design makes it accurate as well as the measuring scale.

Easy set-up

Your installation takes about 15 minutes to start working.


The steel design makes it sturdy and long-lasting.


Complicated instructions

Some users raise concerns about complex guidelines to follow. Most of them are new to a table saw fences.

It is not compatible with wing extensions

If your table saw has wing extensions, the rip fence may not support it.


We love Vega U26 for its solid design. If you have no wing extensions on your table saw, you can consider it.

Vega Pro 40 Table saw fence – you don’t need to drill

Vega Pro 40 Table saw fence - you don't need to drill

If you need a fence system that you can use without drilling, consider Vega pro 40. You use the bolt holes that are already existing.

The installation only takes you 15 minutes, and the mounting system gives you a chance to make full adjustments. It gives you a rip capacity of 50.


  • Aux table support
  • Guide rails
  • Brackets
  • Table saw accessories
  • Micro-adjustment

The construction is stable to make it withstand tough hits and bumps. It is rugged, but fine perfect for any woodworker. You can fit different kinds of saws without necessarily adjusting anything.

This fence system gives you precise cuts without putting much effort as you try to achieve accuracy. It has micro-adjustment that increases accuracy.

You can move the fence through a threaded rod in a particular direction for precision. The table saw accessories make it safe and convenient to use.


  • Easy to install
  • Solidly built
  • The locking mechanism is useful
  • It has a micro-adjust
  • It is pre-drilled
  • The glides give a smooth performance


  • Has a poor finish
  • The instructions are challenging


If you need various applications from a fencing system, Vega pro 40 is a suitable choice. It gives you high-quality material, smooth performance, and accuracy.

Considerations to follow for a table saw fence

The size of your table saw fence

This is determined by how you utilize your table saw. For a large machine and big projects, you require a rip fence that provides room for your materials.

The size ensures the installation is easy. You can either choose a rip capacity of 30 inches or 50 inches. If you are new to the field or do carpentry once in a while, a rip capacity of 30 inches would be sufficient.

For professionals who make use of a big working area, choose the 50 inch.


The set-up should be easy to avoid wasting time before you can start working. Also, choose a rip fence that does not need additional elements to install since you can easily forget them as you purchase.

The maximum set-up time should be 30 minutes.


Consider a rip fence that gives you accurate measurements effortlessly.  If you are a professional, this factor should be crucial.


Your saw fence should be reliable in how it maintains alignment as you go through repeat cuts. It should be consistent in alignment for you to be precise. Customers’ reviews can help you evaluate this.

The price

In most rip fences, the quality goes with the price. Invest in a more expensive fence from a reputable company to extend its duration so that you can save money eventually.

Final thoughts

From the above, you can’t tell that the best table saw fence differs with the purpose of every individual. If you consider the features and the factors that we have discussed, you will find what is best for you. Good luck!