best table saw blade for ripping hardwood

Every woodworker wants to find the best table saw blade for ripping hardwood. There are enough varieties in the market to confuse even the most experienced of us; there is a blade for every conceivable need, level and scope of usage.

An aggressive ripping blade is a must for efficient cutting of thick hardwood. Experienced professionals mostly use glue line rip and fine tooth blades, depending on the material they are dealing with.

We have selected the top five best table blades for ripping hardwood.

CMT 201.024.10 Industrial Ripping Saw Blade, 10-Inch.

This combo blade is perfect for soft and hardwood. Though it takes more horsepower than thinner blades, the cuts are both pristine and accurate. The blade is an ideal choice especially if you are dealing with plywood.

This blade is an ideal selection for anyone working with a 10 inch table saw. It works great with miter, radial, table and special saws.


  • The kerf thickness of the blade is 0126
  • The plate offers a thickness of 0087
  • Since the teeth are carbide tipped they last longer and offer clean cuts
  • Non-Stick PTFE Coating


  • The blade comes with micro-grain carbide teeth that reduce pitch build up as well keep the blade from heating up.
  • The carbide construct protects the blade from corrosion as well.
  • The blade offers accuracy and cleaner cuts.
  • The protective coating assures the longevity of the blade.


  • This blade needs more horsepower than other thinner varieties.
  • Since the price range is not exactly low, the cut quality doesn’t quite match it.

Freud 10″ x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts

Freud 10" x 40T Next Generation Premier Fusion General Purpose Blade for Crosscuts

The engineering on this Freud blade does EXACTLY as promised; it is a near perfect combination of fused tooth grind geometry and blade body firmness. This blade is multipurpose and ideal for ripping and crosscutting. This blade is great for all kinds of project needs.


  • The Diameter of the blade is 10″
  • The teeth are 40 and Hi-ATB
  • The arbor is 5/8″
  • The kerf is 0.126 and the plate is 0.098


  • The blade offers precise tensioning
  • The non-stick perma SHIELD coating prevents the blade from corrosion over time.
  • Thanks to the anti-vibration slot feature of the blade, cuts will come out steady and precise.
  • The amalgamation of the Hi-ATB teeth with a side-grind geometry feature allows for smoothing of the work piece as well as cutting it.


  • The blade crosscuts better than it rips.
  • Ripping performance is only marginally better than cheaper blades
  • The blade causes burning when ripping hard boards.
  • Some types are better suited to the cutting capacity of the blade like Pine. However, the harder the wood (Oak for example), the rougher the cut.

Infinity 010-050, 10″ x 50 Tooth Combination Saw Blade

Infinity 010-050, 10" x 50 Tooth Combination Saw Blade

Infinity blades are easily some of the best combination, all-purpose blades on the market. Not everyone has a budget to accommodate a dedicated ripping blade. Beyond the specialized blades and fancy saws, this blade is an obvious choice.

This “all-rounder” saw blade gives a superior combination product that is the perfect blend of technology and performance.


  • This infinity model comes with a 15° alternate top bevel, grind plus
  • A chamfered raker tooth
  • This model utilizes the thin-kerf model (010-150)
  • Nickel armor coated


  • The nickel armor coating of the blade prevents rust and resin build-up from aggressive cutting.
  • The blade tips are long lasting and have a quiet operation.
  • The infinity blade works fine with underpowered saws as well.
  • The blade rips without burning and crosscuts to perfection.
  • Reasonably priced, considering the performance standards.
  • The expansion slots on this blade allows for stability and precision during ripping.


  • At the end of the day, this blade is still a combination model and should not be expected to perform on par with a dedicated ripping blade.
  • The harder the material, the more difficult the ripping becomes.

CMT 201.030.12 12″ x 30 Tooth FTG

CMT 201.030.12 12" x 30 Tooth FTG

This is a larger, more reliable saw blade by CMT. Most CMT blades give great results when dealing with plywood.  Most heavy-duty rip cuts are clean, smooth whether on soft or hardwood.

This CMT blade can be used on radial arm, miter, table and special saws with great ease.


  • The kerf thickness of this CMT blade is 0.126
  • The plate thickness is 0.087
  • The hook angle is  20°
  • This blade features a FTG-Flat Top Grind
  • The most attractive feature of this blade are the Micrograin carbide teeth
  •  The blades are coated with a non-stick PTFE covering


  • The carbide teeth allow the blade to offer precise and clean cuts.
  • The protective coating prevents rusting, pitch build-up and overheating of the blade.
  • The blade is reasonably quiet during operation


  • Not that effective on harder wood varieties like oak.
  • On larger and harder loads the blades tends to cause burning

CMT 203.036.14 Industrial Glue Line Ripping Saw Blade

This blade by CMT is a dedicated ripping option. Any woodworker that uses this saw blade can swear by the ripping prowess of the blade. If you are in a business that requires frequent ripping this blade will produce “glue-ready” pieces for any project.


  • The kerf thickness of the blade is 0.165
  • The plate thickness is 0.110
  • The hook angle is 12° hook
  • The Flat Top Grind (FTG) rating is 1


  • Affordable and excellent performance
  • This blade offers great finish on soft and hardwood; glue ready pieces are a guarantee.
  • The blade offers a tight tolerance and reduced noise during operation.
  • The blade has an anti-vibration design that increases stability.


  • Industrial grade equipment, not for every woodworker.

It all really comes down to your needs. A good table saw is incomplete without a blade for ripping hardwood. On average, the best table saw blade should have two key features; aggressive cutting ability and longevity. It is easy to determine whether a blade is worth your investment if you know the exact scope of your utility.