best sawYou can reduce such expenses through learning a few tricks from the best saw that is easy to use and pocket-friendly. The market has lots of saws, so we will help you choose what you need.

Below is a discussion of highly rated saw in different categories as well as their respective buying guide. We aim at giving you every detail you need before buying a saw. Find out more!

Dewalt DW745 – Best table saw

Dewalt DW745 - Best table saw

Do you need a compact yet light table saw that can handle easy woodwork tasks? The Dewalt DW745 table saw is what you should consider. Its weight makes it portable for smooth movement.

Most of the parts are made from steel that is long-lasting and can withstand hard jobs. It has high performance since its motor use 1850 watts. You can cut various tough wood with your saw.

The combination of a clear scale, a fence lock and pinion fence and rack give you accurate cuts. It gives you a rip capacity of 610 mm for you to cut large wood into small pieces.

It also gives you a protection system that enhances accuracy as you work. The bevel lock gives you room to adjust your saw according to your measurements.

It also comes with accessories for smooth cutting.


Powerful extension

We like the motor of this table saw. It gives you 15 amps power to cut through large pieces of wood.

The blade is 10 inch for deep cuts. It gives you 38,450 rotations as it spins. It allows you to cut both lumber and hardwood.

The rip capacity

The fence configuration enables your table saw to have an enormous rip capacity. The pinion rails and rack make it easy for you to adjust your table saw.

It has a design that allows the expansion of rail.

Your saw can rip different full materials. You can also retract your work for a compact, easy to move version. The cut depth if 3-1/8 as you adjust your work in a 90-degree angle and 2-1/4 at 45 degrees.

Guarding system

You can set up the guarding system effortlessly, making it easy to adjust your tools. The coating of your surface minimizes friction as you cut. It enhances the quality of cutting wood on your board.

Your table saw has a roll cage that is made from metal to enhance durability. You can set up your work more sturdily as you prepare to use the saw in comparison to plastic ones.

The design

We like the design of Dewalt, as well as, its light weight. It only weighs 22 kg making it easy for you to move with needing help.

The storage area enables you to access your accessories for comfortable working.

Some of these accessories include push stick and guarding features. It also has a dust collection port for you to maintain your table saw easily.

It also allows you to connect your saw to the Shop Vac.


  • It is portable
  • Your table saw is compact and lightweight
  • The dust collection port is efficient
  • The motor is powerful
  • The rip capacity is large
  • Your execution is powerful
  • The blade gives you a high performance


  • It cannot support a dado
  • The pinion system is not the best


If you operate from a small workshop, Dewalt table saw will not let you down. It may offer a small surface area for working, but it gives you high performance.

Features such as the duct collection area make working efficiently.

Buying guide for a table saw

For you to get the best table saw, you should consider the following factors.


An efficient table saw operates at more than 200 Volts for it to perform, as well as, heavy working loads.


Your table saw fence should be accurate. It should also maintain a parallel position to your blade as you work. You should get one that does not flex and interfere with your work.

It also prevents injuries. Get a fence that you can adjust quickly. You should remove and attach it effortlessly.

Dust collection mechanism

A small workshop needs a good dust collection mechanism. It ensures that your motor runs cool as it prevents you from breathing excess dust to prevent your lungs from debris.

A Tilt

You will notice that different models use either the left angle or right tilt system. Get a table saw that tilt to your advantage to avoid straining as you work.

Some of them don’t limit you to one side tilting.

Miter gauge

Your miter gauge should slide without getting sloppy in the miter slots. It should have angles that you can quickly adjust.

Hitachi C10FCG single bevel compound – Best miter saw

Hitachi C10FCG single bevel compound

If you are not new to Hitachi Company, you may have realized that they make high-quality products adding the hi-fi technology. From this miter saw, you get both miter and bevel cuts.

The electric cord runs on a motor that uses 15 amps, and 5000 RPM makes cutting easy. It gives you productivity, precision, and reliability.

You get a collection bag to control the dust and maintain your machine effortlessly.


Miter cut

The miter is another name for an angle. Hitachi gives you flexibility up to a particular angle which you cannot exceed.

The saw guides help you tilt your blade to the left to cut your wood at precise angles. You can cut your pieces using both the left and right sides. This also increases flexibility.

Bevel range

You also get a bevel to cut your material at specific angles simultaneously. You only need to use the bevel saw to turn your saw table as you move the working piece to achieve precision in cutting.

The motor

Your motor is powerful operating at 15 Amps to cut across your wood entirely. This capacity allows you to cut different materials. Avoid using wire cords when using your miter saw at home.

You can purchase outdoor cords that measure 10/3 or 12/3 that have less length and extended gauge to prevent wire resistance.

The outdoors cords supply your motor with the high-quality power to work with.

The rip capacity

You get a range of 10-45 degrees to the left to get precise cutting. Its table offers you lots of space to lay different material.

You also get a clamping system that holds your equipment in a stable position. It also comes with actuated stops to help you adjust the saw smoothly.

It is lightweight

Hitachi is a light single-bevel compound motor saw since it weighs only 24 lbs. It makes it easy to handle and move around without any help.


  • It is affordable
  • The miter saw is precise
  • The features are reliable
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It is portable
  • You can change the blade easily


  • The dust bag is not very effective


You will love the price of Hitachi miter saw. The 15 Amp motor makes it compelling to cut wood. If you need metal cutting, you will have to replace the blade with an abrasive type.

We love the fact that it gives you both miter and bevel cuts.

Buyer’s guide for miter saws

The key to choosing the best miter saw is comprehending the capabilities of different types. Some of the considerations include:

The kind of miter saw categorized into:

Standard miter saw

You will love the simplicity of this form. They are cheap, but limit you on the features you get. It allows you to make cuts at 45 degrees angles.

Compound miter saw

The one we have discussed above lies in this category. It can make sloping cuts which include both cut and bevel.

You can tilt on your angle using this form. It also allows you to make a miter cut which is beveled.

Sliding miter saw

With this type, you get an arm which is not fixed in one area. It uses a sliding system to move the blade as well as the arm.

Your blade can move in any direction making it possible for you to work using full lumber. It has additional features that make it costly.

Safety features

You can prevent operator errors by confirming if your miter saw has additional safety features. The guards should be positioned such that you can access them quickly.

Your bolt should be tight enough to prevent kickback. Your blade should be straight and your electrical cords secure. Your platform should also be stable to prevent wobbling.

The purpose

Your need determines what kind of miter saw you need. While you may be a hobbyist doing woodwork once in a while, another person may be professional handling the machine more often.

The features in both cases may differ for the professional needs more accessories than a hobbyist.

Tilting ability

Some miter saws can tilt in one direction. This may be enough for light woodwork operation, but heavy duty ones need a miter saw that can lean on both sides.

The power of your motor

Your motor should be sturdy enough with an RPM of at least 2500 to give you enhanced performance.  If you need one for heavy-duty tasks, ensure the power is high.

Skil 5280-01 15-amp 7-1/4 inch – Best Circular saw

Skil 5280-01 15-amp 7-1/4 inch - Best Circular saw

Are you looking for a circular saw for lumber cutting? Ski circular saw is worth your consideration. It allows you to cut different material quickly and efficiently.

There is a beam laser that is built in to give you accuracy with your cuts as you save efforts since you don’t struggle using your machine.

Your machine is of high-quality and can last for years due to the sturdy material used to construct it.



Your blade appears on the right side of your circular saw. It makes your machine balance on its own as you maneuver smoothly. You can change your blade thanks to the spindle lock


Your machine has a safety button that prevents accidents as you start it up. It makes it safe for home use.

The lock button allows you to change your blade to an opposite direction easily without the fear of injuries from an unstable machine.


Your purchase gives you a padded, nylon bag that makes it easy to carry your saw and store. It increases both convenience and portability.


It uses a motor that is 15 amp that makes it compelling for high performance in a short time. You can conduct heavy duty work thanks to the double output of this machine.

No-marring shoe

Sometimes, the working area gets damaged due to excess pressure from the machine and your woodwork. That is why this feature is added in the skil circular show to prevent damage.

Laser guide

This feature allows you to make your cut straight if you don’t need to tilt on one angle. It also has a wrench that enables you to change the blades with ease.

Dust Blower

Some have dust features that don’t work as they should. The dust blower of this circular saw lets you work without interference from accumulating dust. You don’t have to stop to clean out dust.

The line remains dust-free since it is all collected at one spot. It prevents you from breathing it and enables you to work fast.


  • It is a light model
  • It is user-friendly
  • You can quickly remove dust from your machine
  • It has safety features such as lock button
  • The speed rotation is high
  • The storage is secure due to the provision of a carrying bag


  • It lacks both the rip fence and an electric brake
  • There is no auto-on switch
  • You cannot work in the dark since it lacks a built-in light
  • The base plate bends with time


Its excellent design, as well as cutting capacity, give it a high ranking among the best circular saws in the market. Any professional will love this machine since you remain productive as you save time.

An amateur can also train how to achieve precise cuts using a circular saw using the shortest time possible. You can use it to repair broken wood from the comfort of your home.

Buying guide

Circular blades differ in the blades they are equipped with, their purpose as well as length. Despite these differences, you should consider the following:


Your circular saw should emit sufficient energy to help you be accurate as you cut on different thicknesses of wood. The productivity of your saw relies on the power produced by its motor.


A circular saw should have additional features that are built in to guarantee your safety. Check for elements such as lock buttons to prevent injuries as you handle the blade.

A dust blower and a beam laser can also act as safety features. They increase comfort as you operate your machine.


You need a circular saw that can cut any size of wood. Different forms can also be stubborn. Your circular saw should be strong enough to cut across then.

Options such as cutting through metal like steel are also worth considering if it is in line with your job.


The size of your circular saw determines how much space it takes up in your apartment. Measure your area and pick a machine that does not occupy a lot of room for other devices.

Worx WX572L blade Runner X2 – Best portable table saw

Worx WX572L blade Runner X2

Are you impatient with saws? Get the best portable table saw that takes seconds to set up. You can cut wood, tile, metal, plastic as well as aluminum with Worx blade runner.

Let not the appearance fool you. This machine weighs only 15 lbs. We love the fact this portable saw is not limiting.

You can remove the blade it comes with and adjust it with different blades such as t-shank jigsaw to cut different items. It is user-friendly since it allows you to control your cuts.


Rip fence

Unlike other portable table saws, Worx gives you a rip fence that enhances accuracy as you cut various material. It is precise to help you get different pieces of the same dimensions such as the width.


You get on board storage of items. This offers you enough room to hold all the accessories and features in place to work and store items.

Riving knife

This system does not limit you on the capacity to make both rip and cross cuts. It is suitable even for cutting tiles and metal pieces.


The design is compact increasing portability and makes it easy to set it up. You can adjust the miter gauge between 0-60 degrees on both the left and right.

This makes your portable saw versatile.


  • The design simple
  • It is light-weight, and the design is compact
  • It is versatile since you cut both metal and wood.
  • It gives you a high performance
  • Cutting wood is smooth


  • Some users say that it not built well.


Worx portable saw provides you with service for long. You will love its versatility in cutting different items no matter their strength.

If you intend to make small cuts of different items that have various thicknesses, get this portable saw.

Buyer’s guide

The speed

The speed blade should be variable and come with a speed setting to help you optimize cutting various material types. Consider a portable saw that comes in many speed settings.

A variable unit can help you choose a proper speed to work with before you can cut. Materials such as aluminum require high speed. You can set low speed when cutting plastic pieces.

The source of power

You will find some portable saws that are operated through batteries. You need one that gives you at least 30 volts. You can also get an electric powered one that runs at 6.5 amps.

Find a power cord that is compatible to plug your portable saw into a suitable electric outlet.

We love the fact that you don’t have to conduct any lengthy procedure to set up the machine into the connection.

The blade

Your blade should have a high capacity to cut through different materials. You should get a portable saw with adjustable blades for you to make the switch according to what you are working on.

Ensure that your blade is strong enough and small so that it does not distract you from getting a clear view of the cutline. It should be the right size and sharp for precise cutting.

The right blade should have fewer teeth per every inch to give you fast cutting. It should also be wide to make a straight cut on different materials. Fine edges are advisable for thin materials.


Ensure that your work piece is clamped on the bench securely to prevent it from snapping as you cut it. Clamps act as safety features in your portable saw.

Additional features

Some portable saws come with other features that make working smooth. For instance, if you have lights that are built in, you can work even in dim conditions.

Put in mind that your portable saw should be light so that you can move it quickly across a room and work on different sections. An ergonomic handle can increase portability.

Black Decker LPP120B Bare Max lithium ion pole pruning saw – Best pole saw

Black Decker LPP120B Bare Max lithium ion pole pruning saw

Replace your ladder with the best pole saw that can help you access high branches. Black decker pruning saw is a cordless saw that can cut up to 100 branches from charging it only once.

It does not release any emissions as you use it on branches around your compound. This reduces the carbon footprint. You can cut branches that are 14 feet above your head.

You use lithium-ion batteries that can retain more charge than NiCad batteries. The cutting bar gives you a cutting diameter of up to 6 inches.

You can trim or prune overgrown branches around your yard.

The cutting bar is only 8 inches. It does not limit you to an extension cord. The disassembling is easy as it regains its compact size at the end of your task.

It has an in-line power head mechanism that allows you to maneuver different branches easily since visibility is enhanced. It is easy to transport and store your pole saw.

We like it since it an impressive alternative to a gas powered pole saw that come with challenges like vibrations, harmful emissions or noise.


Blade guard

The blade guard prevents you from accidents as you cut down high branches.

Batteries and the charger

Your package comes with a charger and the batteries to recharge your pole saw after a while. The batteries provided are long lasting since they are of high capacity providing up 20 Volts.

They provide high cutting power.

The design

You can control your pole saw as you lift it quickly since it weighs only 6.5 pounds. This prevents fatigue as you use it above your head.

Its design makes it perfect for people who have problems with their backs since you will not strain to hold it in position.

Oil bottle

Your package also comes with an oil bottle for lubrication purposes. The maintenance is simple. You can clean your pole saw after every use to extend its lifespan.

You can also oil the bar and chain before you start working.

A chain

You can use the replacement chain to swap it with Oregon keft bar.


You get a zip up bag to store your pole saw after use. It increases portability. It also comes with instructions in a manual that are easy to follow.


  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a storage bag increasing portability
  • You get a chain that you can adjust
  • Your purchase gives you a two-year warranty.
  • It has a storage bag
  • Great power to cut different branches


  • Your battery life becomes short with every recharge
  • The blade can lock up on the branches.
  • It lacks an auto-oiling feature though you can always oil it yourself.


If you are looking for a pole saw for your home use, the black decker is an ideal choice. You don’t want a pole saw that is heavy to lift and operate.

This is light for anyone including the elderly to easily cut branches from high points. It provides you with overhead power and puts you in control to cut down branches easily.

Buyer’s guide for a pole saw


You need sufficient power to help you finish the work. Pole saws have different sources of energy. Some use batteries while others use electricity or gas.

Get one that is easy to use without consuming excess energy which translates to a heavy load. Choose one that does not add more weight to overwhelm you as you prune.


Safety switches put you in control when using pole saws. You don’t need a machine over your head to harm you if you slip or lose balance.

The type

Pole saws fall under three categories. There are those that are corded, others cordless and some which use gas.

Each form has its merits and demerits such as the gas-powered are big and heavyweight. You should consider the merits and demerits of each type to gauge which is the best for you.

WEN 3962 Two speed – Best band saw

WEN 3962 Two speed

Are you a metal fabricator looking for the best band saw? Consider WEN 3962 two speed band saw. You can also use it for construction and woodwork.

People in the timber cutting sector also need the saw. It is useful in cutting long rails on a roof as well as installed pipes or tubes.

It may be heavy, but it gives you robust cutting stability.

This prevents it from wobbling as you cut, therefore, reduces the risks of accidents. Your band saw remains stationary and provides you with a table surface that is wide for you to utilize.

It can also accommodate irregularly shaped pieces of your project. The motor can help you cut up to 6 inches deep of various material. Your engine runs under 120 power volts.


Safety features

The heavy-weight gives you a firm stand to make your saw safe since there are no chances of slipping as you cut through pieces.

The cutting capacity

This band saw gives you a high cutting capacity without giving you problems with it. It also you blade to penetrate surfaces effortlessly.


You can work on dark surfaces such as the basement of your home thanks to the view that are built in to give you illumination when it is dark.

Dust port

It also has a dust port to prevent you from breathing in lots of dust as you work.


  • You get a high cutting capacity of up to 6 inches
  • It gives you two speeds for each minute
  • You get a large working surface
  • You can purchase different variants such as 10 inches or 14 inches
  • It allows you to cut various materials
  • There is a built-in light, a fence, a miter gauge and a dust port


  • Adjusting can be a challenge to a beginner
  • Some people find the 10-inch, and 9-inch flimsy compared to the 14-inch band saw


If you look at the band saw in the market, not many can match up to the cutting capacity of Wen 3962. It gives you a high performance, numerous features as well as safety as you use.

We recommend that you take the 14 inch if you are a professional with different materials to work on. For home use, the 10-inch band saw will still perform well.

Buyer’s guide for the best band saw

The purpose

Most band saws are ready to use primarily for home purposes.  If you need it for metal fabrication, you may need to adjust the blade to sharper ones so that it can cut through thick metal.

If you need to cut meat, your blade should be stainless steel to prevent contamination and make the cleaning easy. Ensure that the parts are clean before handling meat.

Your blade

The sharpness of your blade determines its effectiveness. If you need it for cutting pieces of wood, three teeth per inch will do.

The motor

A band saw motor should run at one horsepower so that it is powerful enough to increase the cutting capacity. Do not power your machine with an engine that is less than one horsepower.

The more the horsepower, the more powerful it is to cut through different material.

Additional features

Features such as the dust port can make work easier since you work in hygienic conditions without interference.

Consider the accessories that accompany your band saw to determine if they are sufficient to serve the purpose without hindrances.

Wen 3920 16 inc variable speed – Best scroll saw

Wen 3920 16 inc variable speed

We love this piece since you remain in control thanks to its intricate designs. You have speed ranges between 400-1600 strokes that give you enough leeway for you to choose your best way of working.

You can either select hardwood or soft wood to cut. Most softwoods need about 1200 strokes per minutes while hardwood requires less than 600 strokes per minute.

It allows you to place your design precisely.

The throat depth of your scroll saw is 16 inches. It allows you to cut wood that is 1.9 inches thick. You get enough space to work on and flexibility to make angled cuts.

You can cut your piece at an angle of 45degrees Celsius. This helps you achieve accuracy in your measurements.


LED lights

These lights give you precision as you work and enhance visibility to prevent making the wrong call on your design. You also get a flex light that you can adjust and move as you work.


The body of your scroll saw is made from iron which is durable. It may be bulky to carry, but it provides a stable base to work with.

It also reduces vibrations when cutting and makes it safe to operate.

Foot lock clamp

This is also a safety feature that allows you to secure everything in position for precise cutting. You also get two blades that you can interchange when one is blunt.

Dust port

It contains a dust port to trap dust as you work. This prevents it from interfering with your line as it protects you from inhaling a lot of dust.


  • You get more strokes per every minute.
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is possible to make angled cuts with a large surface area to do so.
  • The base is stable due to its iron base
  • It also increases durability
  • It eliminates chances of vibrations as you work.


  • Some users report that the neck gets cracked easily
  • It is heavy meaning hard to move


If you work on one position that does not need lots of movements, you will enjoy working with Wen 3920. It is versatile in the number of options and angles that it offers you.

We love the fact that you can use it on both soft and hardwood. The price is also impressive and the stability reassuring. It also gives you numerous features to enjoy.

Buyer’s guide

To get the best scroll saw, you need to consider the following.

The type of your blade

Scroll saws either come with a pinned or unpinned edge. If you need to make a thick cut, you will need a pinned blade. This type does not cut fine details well.

A pinless blade, on the other hand, gives you more options than a pinned blade. You can achieve accurate cutting using this type of blade. It gives your piece a nice finish.

The tensioning of your blade

Scroll blades have different items to tighten or make your blade lose. While others use knobs, some use levels. The position of the tightener is what matters.

You may strain if it positioned at the back of your saw. Tensioning of the blade is a regular activity, so it should be easy if the tightener is placed within your reach.

Work table

You should have sufficient room to place a large piece of wood to work on it. It should move freely and give you comfort as you cut it.

The texture of your table should be smooth enough to prevent resistance as you move your piece. It should also be strong to hold any piece you lay on it. That is why cast iron makes the best table.

Your hold down foot

Your scroll saw should be able to hold down your piece comfortably. You should have a hold-down foot that you can adjust.

If you are new to scroll saws, keep this feature in mind. Experts can do without it.

Dewalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded – Best reciprocating saw

Dewalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded

Get a reciprocating saw that can handle any construction work. It can manage demolition, plumbing, cutting wood, pipes as well as branches.



The engine is powerful since it can generate more than 2500 strokes every minute. This makes it able to manage heavy duties such as masonry work.

Speed trigger

This feature allows you to adjust your reciprocating saw as per the task at hand. You would need a high cutting velocity for metal work and low speed for cutting light branches and cardboard.

The grip

The grip is made from rubber to absorb vibrations that reduce fatigue as you work for hours. It is comfortable and firm.

Blade Clamp

The keyless clamp allows you to change your blades according to what you are cutting. You only need to pull the lever up and insert the shank to your clamp to install a new blade.


  • The motor is powerful
  • It is reasonably priced
  • You get adjusting blades
  • It is comfortable to hold
  • The stroke length is excellent


  • The amp- rating it low
  • The shoe is fixed
  • It does not come with cutting blades


Dewalt saw is one of the best reciprocating saws as it gives you high stroke every minute and high power. We can recommend it to any craft worker.

Buyer’s guide for a reciprocating saw

Consider the following:

The motor

Most cordless reciprocating saws have brushless motors. It may be expensive, but it gives you the best service such as durability and high power. They are better than using brushed motors.

The speed

Consider the work at hand and choose one that has a rate that matches the purpose. If you are working on heavy duty work, you need a high stroke per minute.


The shoe of your reciprocating saw should be adjustable so that it can retract and extend. It extends the life of the blade since you can use your blade evenly to prevent one side from getting overused.

Skil 3540-02 7 inch Wet – Best tile saw

Skil 3540-02 7 inch Wet

Get an affordable saw that can help you make beautiful tiles for your home without spending too much. The operation is smooth, and the machine is small and comfortable to use.

Your tile saw makes use of blades that are coated with diamond for the operation.  Your saw uses electricity as its source of power.

You will note that the top of your tile saw is made of stainless steel that prevents rusting and corrosion. Its blade is 7 inch.

It allows you to cut tiles at an angle between 0 to 45 degrees to achieve precision.


Water reservoir

The best tile saw should not leave out this feature and Skil saw understands this concept. It cools your heated blade and also catches debris from the process of cutting tiles.


Your tile saw has the Culus certification. It is rated 120V AC. The amperage if 4.2 and the rotation of the load per every minute if 3600.

The motor is powerful such that you can cut through masonry or stone.


We mentioned that your blade is diamond coated. It can cut through 1 3/8 inch. You can also cut at an angle of 24 degrees.

Rip fence

You get a rip fence that you can adjust. It allows you to fit your tile accurately in preparation for a clean cut. The rip fence prevents it from moving.

The miter gauge ensures that you cut accurately even when using different angles. It also allows you to make correct measurements. You can make bevel cuts in your tiles.

Blade guard

Your blade comes with a protective feature to prevent accidents. It also has a blade wrench that also acts as a safety feature.


Your purchase offers you one month warranty for you to test your tile saw and determine if it is satisfactory for your job. You can get a refund within this period if you are not contented.


  • It is small and light increasing portability
  • You get safety features
  • It also comes with a warranty
  • It gives you accurate cuts and measurements


  • The rpm is low making it not ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • The water reservoir is small calling for regular refills.


If you need a tile saw for light projects at home, Skil Tile saw is an ideal machine.

It may need constant refills, but you get accurate measures and precise cuts at different angles to achieve various styles.

Buyer’s guide for a tile saw


Your motor should produce enough energy to cut thick tiles. For the engine, you need one horsepower and above to be able to cut through stones and any tiles.


You should be able to move your tile saw without help. Consider one that has a table to enhance stability and reduce vibrations as you work.

Cutting ability

Check if your saw has a unique feature to enhance the cutting ability, for instance, the plunge cutting system.

Your blade guide and your cutting platform should be well built to withstand heavy materials.

Kreg KMA2700 Circular – Best track saw

Kreg KMA2700 Circular

Do you desire to make different designs from using various angles with a track saw? You can do this by using Keg track saw. You can rip, make crosscuts and angled cuts in different panels.

As long as your marks are aligned in the guide track, your cuts will be accurate. It allows you to make long cuts accurately.


Guide Strips

You don’t need clamps to hold your work piece down. You can use the guide strips which are anti-slip. Your track saw also has anti-chip slips that offer maximum support to your material as you cut.

Acu cut track system

This prevents splinters as you cut across different materials. It also puts you in control to achieve accuracy and be precise on the dimensions of your pieces. It ensures you saw is moving straight.

The design aligns the cut line with your tack. It is portable for easy lifting and smooth to operate. Both professionals and beginners can use this design in the circular saw since it makes working fast.

Universal sled

This fits the keg accu-cut perfectly. It accepts most circular saws for precise cutting. The installation and interchanging are easy.


  • The tracking system makes your circular saw accurate
  • It eliminates the need for a clamp due to the guide strips
  • Compatibility increases flexibility
  • You can make both cross and angled cuts


  • Some users report the assembled rail is short, thus limiting.


Some circular saws can be challenging to use without features such as the tack system. That is why you need the best track saw that makes work easy. We recommend Keg circular track saw.

Buyer’s guide

When buying a track saw, you need to consider the following:

Bevel capacity

The capacity of the bevel determines how accurate you are when making angle cuts. Choose a model that is versatile such that it allows you to cut at an angle even if it is up to 48 degrees.

Angle cuts make it easy to work on various applications and projects.


The spinning of your saw blade should be fast to allow slicing through both thin and thick pieces. This is called the RPM. The RPM of your track saw should be above 3,000 for fine results

The length of the cord

Your machine should have a long cable to help you work on walls, floors or even guide rail. It prevents you from running out of cable in the middle of a project.

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw – Best hand saw

Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

Get a versatile and robust hand saw that allows you to cut both limbs and branches effortlessly. It can cut the thickness of 8 inches. It is suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

You can use it to trim overgrown shrubs or trees around your home. The many uses make it versatile. It has a long blade for smooth cuts and long strokes.


Curved blade

Your blade is curved and has a razor tooth to help you trim branches easily.

Cushion handle

The cushioned handle gives you a comfortable grip to avoid friction as you work. It gives you a sturdy grip necessary for sturdy branches. It also prevents fatigue as you hold it for long hours.


The hand saw has a pistol style that makes it elegant and increases comfort.


If you look at you handle saw, you will notice the hole in it. You can use this to hang your saw at the end of your day. You can store it on a shed wall keeping the sharp blade from unauthorized people

It also has a sheath that is tough for storing.


  • The blade is curved
  • The handle gives you a secure grip
  • You can cut thick branches
  • Your purchase comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • The hanging hole and sheath help in storage


  • The sheath is made of plastic decreasing its lifespan. It is also difficult to remove the saw from the sheath.


Razor sharp pruning saw is one of the best hand saws since it is comfortable, fancy and gives you high performance. You can cut thick pieces and work on heavy duty jobs.

Buying guide

When buying a hand saw, you need to consider the type of saw you need. It could be straight, curved, handheld saw, or a pole pruning saw.

This determines the kind of job each type can handle. For instance, a pole pruning saw is extended to help you reach branches from a far distance. Other considerations include:

The length of your blade

A long blade gives you an additional reach on high branches. Large blades also give you a high cutting capacity. It is not prone to pull out as you cut.

A long blade also gives you a long stroke. It makes the cutting smooth and your saw ergonomic. They may be more expensive than a short blade, but they give you high performance.

A short blade is convenient for storing them, and you can control them easily. They may, however, give you poor performance. Choose a long blade that is about 15 inches lengthwise.

The handle

The size and quality of your handle determine the level of comfort. It is impossible to cut well with an uncomfortable grip.

Though handles are made with different materials, we recommend rubber that is made to absorb shock from cutting branches and does not slide as you hold it.


The teeth on your hand saw also determines its performance. They are classified as large, medium, fine and extra-long. Choose one with fine teeth to get fine cuts when working on hardwoods.

If you are working on soft woods, medium teeth are the best. Choose at least six teeth per inch for general pruning since they are fast and aggressive.

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric – Best chainsaw

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric

Unlike many electric saws, Remington chainsaw comes at a low price and is easy to control. It is convenient and easy to use. It is a high-quality chainsaw that gives you good performance.

It has a reduced kickback that ensures you cut your firewood precisely. Your chainsaw is also friendly to the environment. You need to trigger your button to start working as soon as you purchase it.

It does not require complicated steps to set it up.



This has a chain that utilizes an electric motor. It uses eight amps that are suitable for trimming and cutting small trees.


Your chainsaw weighs only 6 pounds making it easy to move and control.

Oil reservoir

You get an oil reservoir for your engine and an oiler which has a push button that helps you regulate the amount of oil you use. The reservoir allows you to gauge the levels of the oil.

Tension adjuster

It also has a tension adjuster to add tension to your chains depending on the kind of work. The knob handle on it helps you conduct horizontal trimming and cutting of different materials.


This is a safety feature equipped in your chainsaw.


  • It is fully assembled
  • It is affordable
  • The chainsaw is light and portable
  • The push button helps you add oil to the engine
  • It has a hand guard that makes it safe


  • The chain may be too tight to adjust
  • You may experience oil leaks


If you don’t mind cutting through thin wood pieces, you will find Remington chainsaw efficient. It calls for little maintenance and has essential features for a beginner.

Buyer’s guide

For you to find the best chainsaw, you should consider:

The purpose

Different types of chainsaws are designed to handle a specific tasks. You may need a saw to trim a tree while another person needs one that can bring down an entire tree.

Consider a chainsaw that is powerful enough to handle the purpose you need. Some are electrically powered while others are gas powered.

The energy they produce varies, and the performance is also not equal. If you have a heavy duty task, chose a cordless chainsaw that gives you a high voltage.


While there are expensive chainsaws, Remington is one of the cheapest chainsaws that give you the same capacity like costly types. Look at the features of your saw to determine its value.


You should never overlook its safety. Since these machines are strong and sharp, they can cause accidents. Choose one that is lightweight and has guards to give you protection while using it.


You should also mind your neighbors by choosing a chainsaw that does not make excess noise. Gas chain saws are noisier than electric ones.

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select – Best jig saw


Do you need the best jigsaw that gives you high performance and is easy to use? Choose the Back decker jig saw. This is suitable for all woodwork since it can cut both lumber and wood.

It uses a curve control mechanism and has settings that allow you to adjust your orbit to work on different projects. You can move you saw in any direction you desire.

The settings allow you to increase the speed for efficient work at a limited time. You can make bevels cuts at an angle of 45 degrees.

It has a shoe that increases stability to reduce vibrations as you work. The cutting power is high for you to use hard materials in it.


  • Gives you precise cuttings
  • It is safe
  • You can adjust it
  • It is stable
  • You get a high performance


  • The speed is not easy to control
  • It is noisy


Black and decker jog saw gives you productivity, precision, and smooth operation. We highly recommend this jigsaw for both home and professional use.

Buyer’s guide



Your jigsaw should be able to cut all sizes of woodwork accurately. You should get various options from it for you not to feel limited.


It should be made from high-quality materials to last long and give you value for your expenses.


Safety components should be built into your jigsaw to give you security as you cut using your blade.


From the above, you can learn that there are several saws each performing different tasks. Our list gives you the best saws for respective needs.

You now know what to look for according to the factors discussed in each buying guide. Get your saw today and avoid wasting money replacing items you can fix from home.